Africa in Stitch

Friday 22nd July

Pretty Flamingos

Stitch technique

Create a layered panel using machine and hand embroidery depicting flamingos at a water hole

Textile technique

Plastics and painted Tyvek

Friday 19th August

African ladies

Stitch technique

Create an African figure carrying a hand coiled pot

Textile Technique

Paper beads

Friday 23rd September

African sunset

Stitch technique

Cut back applique with a painted background

Textile Technique


Friday 21st October

African Vessel

Stitch technique

Create a striking vessel using found objects such a cowrie shells

Textile technique

Distressing with lutrador

Friday 18th November

African indigo fabric

Stitch Technique

Tie Dyeing

Textile technique


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sweetie Bag

This is my bag made from silk cocoon strippings - my first attempt did not look very good - a bit like a pattern for kitchen roll! After several attempts (at home one morning) the 'fabric' was strong enough and also the colour that I wanted.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Pannal Robin Survives the Cold Spell

This little robin hopped in on Saturday. He certainly looks like he is enjoying the frosty landscape whilst searching for a tasty morsel. Can you guess where he came from? All will be revealed on Monday 1 March.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Window at St Roberts Church

This picture of The Window at St Roberts Church from the summer maybe helpful to you. You are interested in Lace making therefore you can use those skills and incorporate them into your piece.
You can create the bushes using needlelace and stumpwork techniques.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Simple Window

Early stages of one of the side windows, it needs more but at the moment I'm not sure what. Any suggestions?

Autumn Beetle

Just look what crawled out of the woodwork!! A beautiful goldwork beetle. Our February meeting brought several more new embroiderers to Pannal and several of the existing stitchers had completed pieces of work from previous months. Many of the sketchbooks are now taking shape and will provide lots of interest for visitors when we stage an exhibition at the church.

The snowdrops in the churchyard were eager to open their little white faces and just needed a little bit of sunshine, this did not deter some members of the group from creating bags from cocoon strippings and painted bondaweb which they decorated with painted snowdrops, whilst others took on the more difficult task of producing a piece of Carrickmacross inspired lace.

The theme for March will be Knot Gardens and canvaswork.

December Ice and Snow


You can really feel the chill of the ice on this piece of embroidery. A combination of techniques which have been integrated into a textured frame.

February Birds

Another blue tit has arrived on the scene and this one has found a nice nest hole to settle in.

He was closely followed by a Robin. This robin was stitched by a novice and shows what you can achieve with a little encouragement and an eagerness to learn.