Africa in Stitch

Friday 22nd July

Pretty Flamingos

Stitch technique

Create a layered panel using machine and hand embroidery depicting flamingos at a water hole

Textile technique

Plastics and painted Tyvek

Friday 19th August

African ladies

Stitch technique

Create an African figure carrying a hand coiled pot

Textile Technique

Paper beads

Friday 23rd September

African sunset

Stitch technique

Cut back applique with a painted background

Textile Technique


Friday 21st October

African Vessel

Stitch technique

Create a striking vessel using found objects such a cowrie shells

Textile technique

Distressing with lutrador

Friday 18th November

African indigo fabric

Stitch Technique

Tie Dyeing

Textile technique


Thursday, 28 October 2010


Managed to get one sample almost completed before the next session on Monday, 1 November.

I traced the tile design onto a piece of thin iron-on vilene, then ironed that onto the back of a piece of woollen blanket.  The reverse of the blanket had painted Bondaweb ironed onto it.

A square of kunin felt was tacked onto the front of the blanket over the top of the Bondaweb.

Using various machine embroidery threads (non melting variety: ie cotton, rayon, viscose or metallic) I then machine stitched around the outline on the reverse side of the blanket sandwich.

Turned the piece over again to the front and carefully cut away the excess kunin felt.  This was then painted with acrylic paint in a random manner before being zapped with a heat gun (remembering to leave areas with not too much paint so that it melted).   More acrylic paint was then applied to the raised area to integrate it.

Need to get on and make an A3 piece now and might include some synthetic sheer as the top layer prior to melting?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Illuminated Manuscripts

I especially like this picture of the women weaving and carding
c British library - 39937

The British Library has kindly allowed us to post this picture of a page from the Luttrell Psalter on our blog for you all to have a look at

Psalm 103: Lincolnshire c1320-40

C The British Library MS 42130,f.171

Have fun researching the medieval manuscripts!

This piece was inspired by the talk given by Janet Taylor at Harrogate EG.

Sunday, 17 October 2010


This piece of embroidery was created by treating the fabric with 'No Flow' prior to writing on it.

Come along to the next session at Pannal and learn how to 'create a manuscript' in a variety of ways.

Luttrel Psalter

Following the medieval theme we will be looking at the Luttrell Psalter.
The original book can be found in the British Library it was commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell in 1325

This is a lovely web site where you can turn the pages and have a look at the whole book.
Have Fun!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Medieval Tiles

More messing about instead of doing real work ....  this is a sketch book page created from drawings based on medieval tiles.  Outlines loosely coloured using cheap Crayola wax crayons.  A wash of Koh-i-noor inks was then applied giving a lovely distressed effect where the wax resisted.

The doodles on the side of the page are from the Bayeux Tapestry.  Next step is to find my Kunin Felt and some Bondaweb to paint

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


The October meeting featured early pieces inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry.  Everyone was eager to go home and try out the techniques used by one of the tutors depicting medieaval tiles using layers of iron-on-vilene, blanket, calico, painted bondaweb, kunin felt and emulsion paint.  It will be interesting to see the finished pages in November.




Seems like everyone is enjoying the current theme