Africa in Stitch

Friday 22nd July

Pretty Flamingos

Stitch technique

Create a layered panel using machine and hand embroidery depicting flamingos at a water hole

Textile technique

Plastics and painted Tyvek

Friday 19th August

African ladies

Stitch technique

Create an African figure carrying a hand coiled pot

Textile Technique

Paper beads

Friday 23rd September

African sunset

Stitch technique

Cut back applique with a painted background

Textile Technique


Friday 21st October

African Vessel

Stitch technique

Create a striking vessel using found objects such a cowrie shells

Textile technique

Distressing with lutrador

Friday 18th November

African indigo fabric

Stitch Technique

Tie Dyeing

Textile technique


Thursday, 17 March 2011


These lovely ladies were created at the February workshop.

The first one was a sample stitched by tutor Diane to illustrate the techniques being demonstrated.

The one below is the first stage of painting the portrait onto a piece of silk ready for stitching and embellishment by our very talented Judy.

All Torq!!

I know we have moved on to Tudor and Elizabethan, but this page was lovely so had to put it on the blog.